Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden news in the middle of the night

My email inbox shows a Huffington Post urgent at 1:34 a.m. with an AP story reporting Joe Biden as the VP choice. I’m guessing that this broke up plans by the Obama campaign to make the announcement later at some civilized hour on the East coast.

My first awareness of the choice came at 3:08 a.m. when the iPhone on my bedside table vibrated with a text message. I was asleep but not in a deep cycle, and I heard the buzz. Reaching over and picking up the phone, I saw that Biden was the choice, and I noted the time. It was gratifying to have a political promise fulfilled – to make the announcement by text message. I know, the news media made their usual little scoops, beating the news by an hour or so and probably forcing an early announcement. This is how they train for the big stuff, like investigating official corruption. More power to them.

Now the first Obama-Biden rally is to be available for our watching in a new way, too – on the Internet, 3 p.m. Eastern, at

Let’s all be there.

UPDATE: Well, I went to that website and, good thing I'd turned on C-Span, because otherwise I wouldn't have seen the speeches from Springfield. So, a political promise broken early in the Obama-Biden campaign. Nothing resembling live TV was available on the Obama website. I rambled over the and found it there, but it was so scrambled by buffering delays that C-Span was the only solution.

Let it be noted, I'm still for Obama-Biden.

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