Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McCain got away with this tomfoolin'

Hey, that faith forum the other night was some trouble for Barack Obama. He had to go first while McCain was supposedly in the "cone of silence" so sanctimoniously proclaimed by Paster Rick Warren, and Obama got ambushed by question after question while McCain was not in any isolation booth and probably was getting feeds of the questions while being driven to the site.

And there was a curious lack of followup questions, so while Obama gave a serious answer to "define rich," McCain was not asked much futher after making joke after joke.

Tonight while phonebanking Miami Beach numbers I heard a 60ish immigrant lady with a French accent and a Republican background (her Democrat-registered son was the one I was trying to reach) say she hadn't liked what she heard from McCain. "Maybe I will switch," she said. She didn't like the Republican's simplistic stand on abortion, nor the war in Iraq.

So even if the Republicans lie and cheat and get a pastor to break the Bear-No-False-Witness Commandment, there is still hope in people listening to the answers. People don't want clowns answering tough questions.

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