Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Glory day at Denver convention for SoFla Congressional candidates

Our congressional candidates from South Florida are getting good exposure at the Denver convention, and Joe Garcia’s magnetism is spreading to the point that he got a boisterous welcome from the crowd Tuesday evening as he joined an on-stage group of candidates the Democratic Party is featuring this year.

He wasn’t the only Floridian – Raul Martinez, challenging in FL-21, and Christine Jennings, challenging in the Sarasota area, were also in the group. But when the DCCC chairman, Chris Van Hollen, called out Joe Garcia as the challenger in FL-25, the Florida delegation led wild and prolonged applause.

Also in Denver was Annette Taddeo, who spoke at a media breakfast Wednesday morning, along with Joe Garcia. Taddeo is challenging in my home district, FL-18, and a very fine candidate is she.

I had the pleasure of inhabiting the same plane as Joe Garcia flying to Denver on Tuesday and saw him getting the card of one of the top fundraisers. So look for his already robust treasury to remain healthy. Joe has raised more than $1 million.

Here’s a link to a National Journal blog about Joe’s appearance, and here’s a Miami Herald story about the event, with mention of the $1.4 million the Democratic Party plans to spend on advertising for the congressional candidates.

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