Sunday, August 26, 2007

Chairman Garcia's speech at Barack Obama event

Joe Garcia, left foreground, watches Sen. Barack Obama and the crowd at Miami-Dade County Auditorium.

Here are the remarks Joe Garcia, chair of the Democratic Executive Committee, made before Sen. Obama's speech Saturday Aug. 25.

Today, we gather to celebrate the beginning of the end of the Bush era in American politics.

So much has gone wrong in this great nation of ours....

Despite hundreds of billions spent, thousands of lives lost and our standing in the world diminished ---- we are not safer.

Our people are struggling harder to get ahead....

and in our capital we've seen more greed, more incompetence, more lying than perhaps any time in our history...

the nation is crying out for a new and better politics, one that tackles the great challenges of this emerging century, and one that brings us together rather than tears us apart.....

We are here, today, in the thousands, with people of every race, who came here from many countries, from many backgrounds to celebrate the dawn of a new politics for America, a new day, a neuvo dia.....

a day of hope -- not fear....
of prosperity -- not struggle
of security-- not adventurism....

and on an issue close to many of us here in Miami, we are also to celebrate the dawn of a new day for the Cuban people....

The end of the Castro era offers hope, and just as the possibility of freedom begins to dawn, all the Bush administration offers is more of the same.

For too long our policy has been one that reacts, it asks us to turn away from the suffering of our family and friends and simply hope for change.

The administration’s policy on Cuba, as on the rest of the challenges our nation faces, is more bluster than Courage....

We thank Senator Obama for his coming to Miami and challenging the politics of status quo at this important time.

By letting the Cuban people lead the way he makes the possibility for a peaceful and just transition more likely...


Anonymous said...

What great comments by Joe. Im so glad that he is in charge of the local party. We need to get this thing going, and I feel we are in good hands...good work Joe..

When is Joe gonna run????

Susan said...

With all due respect, what makes you think Obama is not part of the Status Quo?

In my view, your impression of Obama is just that, an impression.

You have an impression from what he says and the inpression that is garnered from what the mainstream Media says about him.

Unfortunately, those impressions do not match up with the real Barack Obama.

The fact is, Obama is very much in line with the "status quo" and up to his eyeballs with the establishment elite.

He is taking corporate funding for his campaign.

He is a member of the Council on Foriegn relations, a so-called "think tank" that you would be well advised to do some research on before you give him your vote. Just to give you a hint Paul Wolfowitz and Dick Cheney are also members of the CFR.

He said in the AFL-CIO debate that he would invade Pakistan. How is that different from what George Dubya and Scoundrels have been doing?

The proof is in the pudding. When you look at his "Domestic Policy" positions, it's all about protecting the corporations and turning his back on the Constituion, the Bill of Rights and the Democratic Process.

1) He does NOT support a Not-for-Profit Healthcare Plan
2) He will NOT withdraw from NAFTA/WTO to stop the hemmoraging of outsourcing jobs from our country.
Note: You can't just amend or modify NAFTA, it's written into the trade agreement.
3) He keeps reminding people he was against the Iraq war, but fails to mention that he has voted for every Supplemental Appropriations bill to fund the war.
4) He voted YES to make the so-called US Patriot Act permanent
5) He will not support impeaching Dick Cheney, who I mentioned earlier is a fellow member of the Council on Foreing Relations.

If you love your country, if you feel honor and pride for the Constitution, if the Bill of Rights makes you feel damned glad you live in the United States, I suggest that you stop going by impressions. Do some research - it's easy to do on the web.

Oh, and just a heads up....the Clintons, Edwards, Biden, Richardson, and Dodd - they are all members of the CFR too.

If you reallly are fed up with the status quo, you need to look outside the box.

With respects,

Unknown said...

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