Monday, April 30, 2007

Wave of bad news for Bush-Cheney

We’re reaching a high point in the wave of bad news for the Bush-Cheney administration, and the 60 Minutes interview with George Tenet must be a big part of it. He sounds really mad at the White House, and he’s barely started on a marathon of interviews. Too bad he was in charge of the two biggest intelligence failures ever, or he’d appear more sympathetic.

It runs long, and the second half is the best. “I became a talking point …Men of honor don’t do this … Slam dunk … Washington blood-letting game … Intelligence officers being thrown out the door … ”

And the best was: “Let’s stand up and tell everybody why we did it” – No, Tenet, you don't have that kind of people in this White House, they never are honest and open.

CBS News web site. Click on Tenet.

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