Thursday, April 12, 2007

Coral Gables: Don Slesnick in a Landslide

You won’t read this part of the story in the Herald. The incumbent mayor of Coral Gables, Don Slesnick, won re-election on Tuesday April 10, and the county Dems will hope to get a little credit for his strong victory. The DEC sent out two e-mails pointing out he was the only Democrat in the three-way race. Slesnick won with 56 percent, against 34 percent and 9 percent, and the turnout was 18.4 percent, unusually good for an isolated local election.

And it doesn’t hurt, of course, that the mayor was doing a fine job. Now he has a four-year term, following a charter revision approved in 2005 changing the term from two years. (You can read that part of the story in the Herald.) Incumbents win in Coral Gables

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