Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Party Had a Party, Starring Eufaula

Friday night at The Fifth a party broke out, and good times rolled.

It was “Dance for the Democrats,” a fund-raiser and celebration of a remarkable civil rights career for one of the most venerable and charming Democrats in South Florida, Eufaula Frazier.

“Can I talk?” Ms. Frazier asked as her strong arms got piled up with plaques and proclamations and flowers and a flag that had flown over the U.S. Capitol. She was holding the microphone at that point, and so she talked for a few minutes about those who worked with her over the years. Before she finished, the stage in the center of the South Beach nightclub called The Fifth was crowded with more than a dozen people she summoned up, all with at least 20 years on the Democratic Executive Committee of the county party.

Ms. Frazier, we must hope, will be around in 10 years when she’s over 90, and we can again celebrate her contributions to human progress in our corner of Florida, because she plans to train young community activists later this year.

Don’t stop, Eufaula!

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