Friday, April 27, 2007

News of the Veep

I didn’t see the debate last night, and I was wondering whether they brought up the impeachment resolution Dennis Kucinich has filed against Dick Cheney. Didn't find it in the Miami Herald. The New York Times has it in the national briefs section, with an additional mention that Brian Williams asked the other candidates if they agreed with Kucinich that Cheney should be impeached. No one raised a hand.

So much for impeaching the vice president. Well, there's a resolution drafted now in the House Judiciary Committee, and we'll see. Meanwhile, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported it the other day, so at least the people of China have had a chance to hear about it.

Curious how the big media do not understand why people are moving to the internet for their news, huh?

Well, if you do a Google search of the internet for “impeach cheney” you’ll see lots of hits. One of the most rewarding is the YouTube video of Cheney cartoons, to the tune of the song “Bang Bang.”

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