Sunday, September 27, 2009

Imagine the horror: Glenn Beck is your secret police interrogator

This is about as strange a sight as I have seen in several trips around the globe. Here we have a right-wing talk show flamer wearing ... What IS Glenn Beck wearing on the cover of his book about to hit the foaming-best-seller list? I've had the dubious pleasure of being in East Germany, the old DDR, and have seen their troops in their strut. Der Glenn is wearing an East German army uniform!

What can he possibly have had in mind when choosing this to adorn the cover of his latest attempt to take over the Misleader Sweeps with a book likely co-written by Karl Rove? Something truly convoluted and tear-stained must lie behind the arrogant mug and out-thrust lower lip. There's a perfect little Nazi there, or a perfect little Stasi interrogator -- either way, a perfect little totalitarian practitioner, and it's the guy who's taken down Van Jones, who's taking down ACORN, and who wants to take down Barack Obama.

The question to me is why would he want to portray himself as a totalitarian on the cover of his own book. I can only assume that this is an unaccustomed outbreak of veracity, and he IS a totalitarian. Somewhere between the covers of this misleading book there may lie some alternate explanation, but this is what I'm hearing, and I'm sticking to it: Glenn Beck wants to be your secret police interrogator, with the full range of Bush-approved torture methods at his disposal. And he's gone around the bend.

In case you wonder what an East German army uniform looks like, here's the link. I found it by Googling "east german army uniform." See the identicality? For the record, a Borders bookstore in Miami-Dade County had this display up to be seen first thing upon entering the store.

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