Monday, September 07, 2009

Text of Obama's schools message

Wow, this is so controversial. He says study hard and he once lived in Indonesia.

UPDATE: Here's a link to Dan Gelber's blog, with his post about the Obama talk to students. Gelber points out that it's routine for public officials to speak to schools. And never to get filtered, which is nonetheless what's happening at the school where Gelber's three kids go in Miami Beach. As he said, what's happening is "absurd and sad."

UPDATE 2: It's late Wednesday and maybe too late to add to this item, but I just learned that Noah Gray, our local youth videographer, did reporting from Palmetto Senior High, where students could opt out of listening to the president if they had a note from a parent. Here's a link to the report on Channel One News, a youth production that I hadn't seen before. Noah Gray appears in a later part of the segment. Hope the link lasts. Good show, Noah!

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Luis C. Isaza said...

Thinking vs, Working:

It has been one of American slogans and virtues to work hard to succeed. But it did not mean to work blindly: it meant that you worked intelligently toward achievieng your goal. Now, it seems it is not positive to think: we may find out that we may be wrong, and that seems very bad to some people!!!!!!!! So, do not expose your children to anything that makes them think and reason: like listening to the President of the United States. Where is this country going under that kind of thinking?