Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If it's Tuesday it must be Miami Beach politics

For those not living on the Beach (and 99 percent of those who do and are unaware), you probably haven't heard of the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club. Civic-minded people and those with nothing better to do assemble in David's Cafe on Meridian Avenue off Lincoln Road and there will be an interesting program on life and politics in the city of Miami Beach. Or a talk from a member of the County Commission. Or nothing much, sometimes, but there's a good breakfast, and hey, you're in South Beach and can do whatever you like.

I'm bringing this up because next Tuesday, Sept. 29, candidates for the city commission (which has six commissioners and a mayor) will start a round of forums leading up to the election in only a little over a month. Early voting starts on Oct. 26. Who's running? I'd post a link here but the club doesn't have a Web site, so it's a typing job for me. Later, try this link to the City Clerk. I say later because there's nothing there now.

Quoting the club's news release, which has an error in the election date (It's Tuesday Nov. 3, not Nov. 6.) so I hope this is correct, speaking next Tuesday will be the candidates for the Group III seat, Gabrielle Redfern, Michael Gongora and Alex Fernandez.

Stay tuned for news of who's appearing in coming weeks at the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club.

UPDATE: The Miami Herald, in its Thursday edition, has more news about Miami Beach municipal elections, namely that one newcomer was disqualified from running because a check bounced. Not to worry -- he's planning to run for governor next year, anyway.

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