Friday, June 26, 2009

Why Floridians should be calling their reps in Washington

This link is Florida-specific. THE HEALTH CARE STATUS QUO:

You can arm yourself with facts on why we need health care reform and why Florida is deficient in providing good health care for all. At the top of the list was that you'd have to work all year full-time at minimum wage to earn enough to pay the premiums for a family health insurance plan.

Fine, the neo-cons will say: They are young and healthy and don't need health care. But what about the ones that are injured in a car wreck? The ones who get pregnant? The ones who catch swine flu? Those who need counseling for obesity, substance abuse, family abuse? Those who should get a checkup every few years to confirm that they're healthy and that their vision is sharp?

This link comes from the federal secretary of health, and it's time to be dialing your reps in Washington to demand a strong public option in the new legislation.

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