Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson was a Democrat

That is the import of the photo caption showing him airborne while performing at a DNC benefit concert. This link is to a New York Times slide show on his career.


I’m too old to have been a big fan of the Jackson Five or Michael Jackson, but I remember the disco craze that I joined into heartily and danced like crazy for some decades in lounges and living rooms in three or four foreign countries, in addition to the United States. Some of that was Michael Jackson’s music, wasn’t it, my fellow disco-dancers? So I take his passing as a moment to turn away from the lurid stuff of his life and to appreciate the enjoyment he provided to millions, perhaps billions.

There are a lot of videos out there. This one was the most fun for me.

That video came to light by following links in this illuminating post at Huffington Post by Deepak Chopra, who was a friend of Michael Jackson’s. Therein find a link to a Huffington post by his son Gotham who at a tender age also was a friend of Michael Jackson and traveled with him. Chopra father and son seem to be saying that Michael Jackson was after song lyrics and friendship, enough said.


Anonymous said...

He was also a pedophile.

Larry Thorson said...

And he was a lot of other things. As to this comment, though he was a strange dude, a jury of his peers found him not guilty of child molestation.

JMNUSS said...

He was an anti-Semite too.

Larry Thorson said...

As to the last comment, Israel was one of the countries where the local people danced like crazy to Michael Jackson music.

Leiloca said...

anonymous and JMNUSS you're obviously ignorant people. MJ wasn't a paedophile one because he's been found innocent and second because after his death, Jordy Chandler (the boy who accused him of molestation) admitted he lied and his father who pushed him to do so committed suicide after MJ's death (coincidence? don't think so). As for being an anti-Semite, what's your proofs? Is it because he criticized the press that is controlled by a Jew lobby? haha