Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Local plans rising for June 27 day of national action on health reform

Miami Beach Democratic Club members discussing plans for action on June 27 to support health reform legislation.

First, good news from the White House: President Obama spoke strongly in support of the public option when he met with Democratic senators. This is from a New York Times story today.

It’s good news because I (and not only I) had started to doubt whether Obama felt strong enough to push for the public option against all the lobbying for little fixes to the status quo.

UPDATE: Now on Wednesday I have the letter the president sent to Sens. Kennedy and Baucus about his reform ideas. The link is from Read it and tell me if you think the public option is much of a competitor to private insurance. Seems rather modest to me. We'll see. Health insurance exchange ...

Down here on the local level, we’re starting to organize to help pass a good health reform bill this year. Two days of action already this week, and more to come. On Monday we had the Miami-Dade Democratic Party forum on health care (the link is to the story following here), and Tuesday evening the Miami Beach Democratic Club sketched out a plan for action on June 27 – the national day of action summoned by the White House (in the form of Organizing for America).

The Beach Dems Club had a good turnout for its kickoff meeting, the first in the county. Tentative plans call for setting up information tables/health fair activities at public parks on that day, which is the last Saturday in June. Keep an eye on for developments.

Tonight, Wednesday night, there’s another kickoff meeting, 7 pm at Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE 2nd Ave in Miami, and there’s more scheduled. As I say, keep checking to find what you need.

You do want to make a difference, right?

Back to the White House. In that NY Times story we learn that Obama wants legislation to emerge this summer and to be through conference in time to be signed in the fall. Now is the time to be fired up.

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Luis C. Isaza E said...

Thank you very much Larry for your efforts in keeping us informed. We will try to reciprocate by getting involved.