Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dan Gelber joins Kendrick Meek in 2010 race for U.S. Senate

Dan Gelber announced for the U.S. Senate this morning, putting two Miami-Dade Democrats in the race to occupy the seat being vacated by one-term Mel Martinez. The election is in 2010 -- right around the corner.

Gelber has been my state representative (District 106) and now my state senator (District 35), and I like his work. The formidable opponent he faces, U.S. Rep. Kendrick Meek (FL-17), showed up Saturday at a funeral for homeless veterans and spoke well about a cause I support. I like Meek, too. So this blog will be neutral and positive, and if others announce their candidacy, I hope to find they are good candidates, too.

Here are links to web sites of the two candidates, and I'll add them to the list of links in the right-hand column.
There's also a post on Daily Kos today about Gelber, with the excellent theme that this is an election -- not an appointment. Good for Florida to have an election, right? Well, we don't have a choice. Unlike New York, Illinois, Delaware and Colorado, our U.S. Senate seat hasn't suddenly become open in the middle of the term, and Mel Martinez seems to plan to serve it out. No appointment needed. Thank goodness, since like some of those other states we do have a dynastic politico lurking in the wings -- Jeb Bush -- and he's of the same party as the governor. Ugh, what an unwelcome thought.

So just to remind us that Jeb remains a possibility even though he's declared himself out of the race, I'm putting up a link here to a post from last year with a blizzard of ammunition that J. Bush has left behind. Jeb, if you run, you're dead meat. Also let's note that no Republican has announced yet for this seat. This will not last.

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Luis C. Isaza said...

What would be the benefit to the Democratic Party to have Kendrick Meek run for the seat of Mel Martinez, since he is already in Congress, and his district and the Democratic party can use his services where he is? Why not convince a new candidate, who is not a member of congress now, to run for the seat, have the Democrats support him/her so that he/she can win, and in that manner, increase our overall presence in Congress?
I would appreciate a comment from somebody who understands Miami-Dade Democratic Party politics better than I do.