Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Funeral with Full Honors for Slain homeless U S veteran and three other homeless or indigent veterans

Scenes from an effort to recover some dignity for U.S. military veterans who fell on hard times and died in South Florida. A funeral with full honors was held Saturday Jan. 24 at American Legion Post 29 in Miami to memorialize five veterans including one, Ernest Holman, 67, a Vietnam veteran found beaten to death behind a bus bench on Nov. 17, 2008. The others were homeless or indigent vets.


Cary said...

Larry knows a little about veterans,especially those from the war in Viet Nam. He is the right person to report this story.

Carlos Miller said...

Good job!

Larry Thorson said...

Thanks, Gentlemen. Especially Cary, who slogged through those rice paddies with me 42 years ago. Did you see I mentioned the 199th Brigade in my wrapup post about the Inauguration?

There is much more to say about these homeless veterans, which I would do now if it hadn't been a very busy day in which I badly pinched a finger between a rope and a hard place and then came home to interrupt an attempt to burglarize my place. Dragnet!

Luis C. Isaza said...

I must have misunderstood the Chairman of the DEC last Tuesday in the meeting of the LADC which he attended. I came out of the meeting with the impression that the poor homeless veteran had not been able to get any help from the VA after he was found dead. Maybe BJ was talking about somebody else, but anyway, the misunderstanding has been cleared. Thank you very much for the information, Larry.
I am a proud veteran of the Army (1964-67), and I am so sad, to see what is happenning to this group after they have proudly and courageously serve this country in the military. I am proud of what the military taught me in my life, of the assistance I received from the GI BIll to go to college and get the education that allowed me to work for Corporate America for nearly 30 years, and I believe that the veteran's cause is our own. I look forward to meet some interested veterans who are willing to help this misunderstood group, and pay them back with opportunities, for what they did for the country. Thanks again. Larry, and thank you too, BJ.