Friday, December 12, 2008

Can't wait for Jeb to run

It would be a fantastic test of the Florida electorate's new-found intelligence, were the former Gov. Jeb Bush to run for U.S. Senate or anything else -- dogcatcher, for instance. What a record he has. The following rant from Florida Politics is an example of what should be planted repeatedly in front of the public until Jeb slinks off to, say, Oklahoma, where minds are not clouded by facts and Bushite candidates win big. (In the presidential voting Oklahoma went for McCain-Palin 2-1 (66% to 34%) -- the biggest red margin in the nation -- while we smarter Floridians were 51% to 48% for Obama-Biden.)

UPDATE: A few hours after this went up I learned that George W. Bush is touting his brother for U.S. Senate. Check out the Tampa Tribune where it's reported that W and Laura pushed the idea at their Christmas party Thursday. My dream coming true ... END of UPDATE.

Here without any abridgement is what was posted Thursday on Florida Politics. Please linger a while and click on the links. This fine blog post is a treasure of trusted sources about bad stuff on Jeb. Your attention is especially drawn to the last paragraph's compact summary of the cruel condition we Floridians are in, thanks to Jeb Bush and his party:

Laff Riot

It has been quite the laffer to read Florida's newspaper companies blasting Illinois state government corruption, after sitting on their hands in Florida for the last decade.

Where were these geniuses - who are all atwitter about the Illinois Governor - when Florida's own Mr. "Make the Money and Run" ...

... who has since cashed in by jumping on board several gravy trains, including Lehman Brothers (the investment company that sold the state millions in bad mortgages), Rayonier (the Jacksonville-based timber and real estate company from which the state purchased nearly $100M in land during Jebbie's tenure), and the "nearly $37,000 a day" Tenet joy ride ...

... was corrupting Florida's election process, fomenting state constitutional crises, gutting Florida's system of public finance*, handing state work to "'a network of contractors who have given him, other Republican politicians and the Florida G.O.P. millions of dollars in campaign donations'", and otherwise according to the radical Time Magazine, leaving Florida with the

worst real estate meltdown since the Depression. We've got a water crisis, insurance crisis, environmental crisis and budget crisis to go with our housing crisis. We're first in the nation in mortgage fraud, second in foreclosures, last in high school graduation rates. Our consumer confidence just hit an all-time low, and our icons are in trouble--the citrus industry, battered by freezes and diseases; the Florida panther, displaced by highways and driveways; the space shuttle, approaching its final countdown. New research suggests that the Everglades is collapsing, that our barrier beaches could be under water within decades, that a major hurricane could cost us $150 billion.

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