Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas present: Finally revealed who was B. Virdot

Those of us of a certain age and from the heartland will have known this story for many years. Picture the Great Depression, hard times in Ohio, and an anonymous donor is offering money in small amounts to people who only have to write and describe their need.

The checks for $5 or $10 came from an account with the name B. Virdot on it. That was 75 years ago. I didn't learn who B. Virdot was until this fine article in the Monday NY Times. I hope readers will enjoy the same thrill of remembrance and heart-warming that struck me.

And a footnote: I sent the link to friends in Ohio, with a note that the author, Ted Gup, is a journalism prof at Case Western Reserve University, and perhaps their son who's studying there knows him. Turns out the young man is about to take his second course from Prof. Gup and has nothing but praise for him.

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