Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Florida enjoying youth wave in politics

This is heartening news – more young people drawn into political activism in Florida. This particular story in the St. Pete Times is about the Tampa Bay area, but I’d guess it will apply to most of the state. Note that it’s not only Democrats who have been energized by our youngish presidential candidate. The Republicans are on to this, too.

I have a comment pending there to toot Dade’s horn, since we elected 29-year-old BJ Chiszar to be chair of the county party leadership body, the Democratic Executive Committee. We have plenty of wise old gray heads and new blood, too.

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BJ said...

Miami-Dade Democrats have many exciting new people both young and seasoned that will bring a new day to politics in Dade...the energy from the Obama staff and vols is most exciting..I attended several Change is coming meetings this weekend and was most impressed with North Beach crew and the Kendall Miami Change project...these groups will be amazing additions to our organization...we have been expanding on facebook connections as well...we are in process of learning how to better use demslink website tool to bring local party into 21st century...We need your help...join us!
Chairman BJ