Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Obama campaign erases boredom: 44 events in SoFla

Yet another new name in the Obama campaign surfaced in my email this afternoon, Angela Botticella, field organizer for the Florida campaign to elect Barack Obama. Welcome, Angela!

Now I'm clicking on the link she sent to find a "Vote for Change" event, and what do I get? A list of 44 events on the July 4th holiday throughout South Florida -- 44! And I know of a few more not listed.

Did anyone perhaps think that Florida might be written off? I heard progressive voices in recent weeks resigned to being a backwater, as far as the Obama campaign was concerned. This was Clinton country, some said, Obama won't have a chance. On what evidence? was my question, but anyway, that was their opinion, perhaps from having read too much mainstream media. And they were dispirited from the Republican-inspired fuss over our too-early primary date.

So now I am enthusiastic and gratified that we are so far from being written off. Now the hard part comes in deciding what to attend. In case you find all 44 events unsatisfactory, you can join Dave Patlak in his event, which starts in South Beach at the South Point Piere at 5:30 p.m. on Friday July 4 (Time corrected). Dave will be trying to register new voters by trolling from one beach blanket to the next. He calls it Beach Blanket Bingo for Barack. Y'all come.

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