Friday, July 25, 2008

Good local report on canvass in Miami-Dade

Here's some local news recognition of our campaigning for the statewide canvass, as reported in the SunPost. More walking the streets and phoning will get us attention and votes in November.

Thanks to William Pena Wells, president of the Three Villages Democratic Club, for bringing it to my attention. As he said,

I want to share the SunPost story with everyone, especially all those who worked so hard to make the event a success and thank you all... Without each and every one of you, nothing would have happened.

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Anonymous said...

This canvassing is all great groundwork and will go a long way toward Dem votes here in FLA, but is it just me or is Obama falling into the same errors as past Dems and shying away from going negative on his opponent? If attacking the opponent works so well, and it obviously does, why does it seem Dems, Obama included, are afraid to go negative? After Obama's European trip, McCain's negative attacks have driven the focus of the campaign. They have enven forced Obama to seem to shift positions on offshore drilling. What's next? If Obama thinks he as a big enough advantage without building some negatives around his opponent and that appealing to voters' "logic" (please, don't get me started on the proven lack of intellignece of the U.S. electorate)is enough to win, then he and his staff are NOT the campaign geniuses they hope to be. Roll up your sleeves Barack! You have a much smarter staff than McCain. Hit back and hit hard. Take the fight o McCain. Put HIM on the defensive. You've been very un-Kerry-like in your quick respsonses to unwarranted attacks on you. Now, go one step beyond and don't be afraid to hit McCain and hit first. You might find he has a glass jaw. Make his spend time and effort defending himself. If you think you're walking a middle road to enable you to pull the parties together after the election, forget about it. Reps will fight you tooth and nail FOREVER, logic, common sense, and what's best for the country be damned. The only victory is to completely run them out of the White House and Congress. Start smacking McCain, NOW, and get all Dems bashing all Reps for the mess their policies have gotten us into. Show and people how McCain and Reps plan to rob them daily. Do it smart and don't let them get away with pat, easy answers to brush off your attacks. Make it stick. Good luck and good fighting.