Thursday, July 10, 2008

Homeless in Alachua County

Your blogger is on the road again, but the headline above does not refer to me. I’m safely housed in Super8 Country tonight somewhere between Tallahassee and Pensacola en route to the bloggers’ convention in Austin via back-roads Louisiana.

As I was barreling up I-75 past Gainesville I believe the FM locked on UF public radio for a while and there was a local story about a big surge of homelessness in Alachua County. I was driving and couldn’t take notes, of course, but I believe they said the number was up 40 percent from last year, and the total was 1,800. Taking care of the homeless is more difficult than usual because donations to charities are off, the report said.

This is what we get after a Bush as governor and a Bush as president. How could this have happened in our splendidly well-educated land?

Anyway, I am away from my usual desk for a couple weeks but will try to blog as much as possible. This is also a time for readers to step up and contribute tasty comments, photos, song and dance. If you’d like to post something on the main page, email it to me and I’ll try to put it up crediting you as guest blogger.

Restaurant Review: Jay’s Restaurant on US 90 in Live Oak serves up a mean liver and onions. Don’t tell my cardiologist.

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