Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Joe Garcia vs one-note incumbent

The one-note politician toots it again: Run against him/them, and you’re a “left-wing extremist.”

It’s in the Miami Herald Wednesday in all its silliness, but at least Joe Garcia got his smiling face pictured on the front of the Metro section.

If we wonder why South Florida is not exactly flourishing under its present dominant political structure, we need only recall that our Republican members of Congress are laughable. In this instance, Mario Diaz-Balart, the incumbent in District 25, has his campaign declare that Joe Garcia “continues to align himself with left-wing extremists. The latest to join the ranks is Congressman Charlie Rangel.”

Oh? Charlie Rangel, decorated war veteran, chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, is a left-wing extremist? No wonder we can expect to see the Everglades – the environmental jewel of this congressional district – dry up and blow away if Diaz-Balart remains in office. Why would Chairman Rangel want to arrange any special ways and means for this district with such insults ringing in his ears?

Or perhaps Diaz-Balart thinks no one is listening. Maybe …

Since he’s paying so much attention to who’s attending fund-raisers for Joe Garcia, we should do him the same favor.

While we’re thinking Congressional here: The Herald has one more interesting piece in Wednesday’s Metro section, back inside, under the headline “Democrats bid for state seats,” is a Washington story rounding up all the Democratic ambitions to take back Florida congressional seats. Good going, Herald! I wrote this up three weeks ago when it was announced that Joe Trippi was signing up to be senior media adviser for Joe Garcia’s campaign.

The Herald’s counting doesn’t extend as far as mine, though. Their story says the Democrats “are eyeing as many as six House seats in Florida,” while in fact the DCCC – Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee – is eyeing eight House seats, or half of the 16 now held by the Republicans.

This, I like to say, is landslide country. And this is a landslide year. Any Democrat who’s not thinking landslide this year is out to lunch. Skeptical? May I remind you that last weekend the NY Times/CBS New poll said 81 percent think the country is on the wrong track. Yes, 81 percent is where we go to watch landslides occur. This is the Switzerland of political landslides, avalanches, sweeping victories, changes of eras.


Anonymous said...

There are many voters here in Dade County that will beg to differ. Rangel has made it pretty clear that he has a high tolerance for the monstrous things that happen in Cuba to Cubans as long as he can vacation there and do business there. He even accepted money from Fidel Castro to travel to Cuba and stay in one of the nice apartheid hotels. So Joe Garcia is making a big mistake aligning himself with Rangel. If he has any sense he will refuse any money raised at this Rangel fundraiser. If he takes one penny I predict it will cost him the election.

Anonymous said...

The use of terms such as “one note” and “one trick pony” to describe an opponent constitutes name calling and is one of the most childish forms of communication. And when the one note referred to is the ongoing struggle for freedom and human rights in Cuba then you are referring to the one thing that the opponent has done right. Why not focus on the opponent’s complicity with the degradation of human rights in our own country through the growing acceptance of torture, the politicizing of our justice department, a struggling economy, outrageous gasoline rates while the oil companies enjoy record profits, the escalation of a never ending war resulting in countless dead and maimed, millions of suffering refugees, an actual reduction in the rights of women in Iraq – we can go and an on. Yet you choose to alienate voters by mocking the opponents on the one thing they have done right. This article should be removed from our club’s website – yes I am a member of the Miami Dade Democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Everything about our Floridians is not only based on Cubans my brothers and sisters here. You better not forget you have many other nationalities that are being given the boot. You better remember that wet foot, dry foot policy people are sick up here. And that there are many other Latinos here in the South, along with African Americans, and many others that have been here for years. We're sick of people trying to put baseball statdiums and those who accept a seat in our commission and senate and then forget about their promises. Leave Cuba's problems in Cuba. We have to focus on our country, and our nation. IF you feel that this is too much to ask, then you all may head back to your country and bring your leaders down, your here, making lots of money, and as you can see, you can do little to liberate your own country. Your dreaming. Wake up and smell the coffee. Not to mention, your arriving here by the thousands and placing a huge burden also on our tax payers dollars, this state has become entry ally for many crimes.

When I write, I know what i'm talking about. Even the Miami Herald is prejudice against other Latinos, they only want to press Cuban Issues. Well they need to be talking about how our state is involved in the biggest crime of the state, drugging innocent children in Foster Care, and our Eleventh Judicial Court and our Child Support court and Traffic Courts, and Juvenile Courts are raping and pillaging the poor with their make up the laws as you go.

Focas on the billions being spent on a war for profit, focas on voter's fraud, focas on health care for "American Citizens", focas on gas, focas on our dying planet, focas on your people here in America, or get back on your boat to nowhere.