Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One of the most corrupt: Tom Feeney, FL-24

This morning news came in the Miami Herald reporting that another of Jack Abramoff's political contacts was pleading guilty to corruption. Good, I thought. This is part of the untold rot that came into highest office with George W. Bush, and it's late but here's another one heading for the slammer. That the future jailbird has been an official in the U.S. Department of Justice is also in the category of untold rot.

Then came an email from the Florida Democratic Party reminding me of another example of rot, U.S. Rep. Tom Feeney, FL-24. The party is taking out some online ads to remind people of his problem. Click here to look at the ad.

Look at it and think of Abramoff and all he's responsible for -- but not paying for. Like how many degrees of separation are between him and the gangland murder of Gus Boulis? That murder is still awaiting full treatment in the courts. It will take a brave judge and brave jury. Check out Wikipedia on Gus Boulis. This isn't mentioned in today's Herald story, which says Abramoff is doing time on "separate charges." Well, he's in prison for defrauding the late Gus Boulis, who just happened to get murdered seven years ago in Fort Lauderdale after complaining about the fraud. That's how many degrees of separation are between Abramoff and Boulis.

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