Friday, May 07, 2010

Very bad news for Bill McCollum, Good for Alex Sink

Voters really hate clear corruption in their politicians, and the next thing they hate is hypocrisy. This item about the hypocritical anti-gay crusader very nicely reaches up into the office of Attorney General Bill McCollum. Yay!

Let's pound on it for a while and call it a nail in the McCollum coffin. Alex Sink, are you listening?

FORGOT TO SAY:  Kudos to the Equality Florida blog for digging this up.

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MiamiComplaints said...

I am not sure if Alex Sink is listening to anyone. She needs to keep her promises no matter what it is. She needs to get out and talk to the people and listen to the people that she talks to.

Alex Sink will not win if she does not change her ways and the way her campaign is working. Noboby out side of the system knows her and this will not get her elected.