Thursday, January 21, 2010

Test Q: Could Florida go the way of Massachusetts? Discuss

Here's the way it's outlined in today's Miami Herald and St. Petersburg Times. We scroll down to the comments for some good description of how Florida and Massachusetts are NOT alike. And we shouldn't have the same outcome as Tuesday's rout in Massachusetts. But we will have to work hard.

Smart comment to the effect that Floridians, unlike the good people of Massachusetts, know what it's like to be governed by Republicans. And are not likely to make the same mistake.

First requirement is to view this as a multiyear task -- to think about not only the November 2010 election but also beyond to 2012 when redistricting will have taken place. That, in turn, means we have to think back to this year and make sure that the anti-gerrymandering referendum passes. Thank you for getting this up and running, Fair Districts Florida!

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