Wednesday, January 13, 2010

No surprises in Miami: Spence-Jones wins

With all precincts reporting, the tallies show walk-away wins for both Michelle Spence-Jones in District 5 and Wilie Gort in District 1. Both fields were crowded, with nine candidates apiece. And after $300,000 expended by the citizens of Miami, the only change from last November's result is that even fewer people voted (11.9% county-wide, or about 4,268 people in District 1, and 3,820 people in District 5 today vs. 4,854 in D5 last November 3rd), and this time Spence-Jones only got 53 percent, not 83 percent, of the vote. Rev. Richard Dunn, who gave Spence-Jones a run for her money in the "bad vs. worse" election of 2005, got just 601 votes, or just under 16%. David Chiverton did even worse this time than he did last November, getting just 3.6 percent of the vote, and attorney Erica Wright, who won the Herald endorsement, received just 284 votes, or 7.4 percent of the vote.) The Spence-Jones tally is below:


25 of 25 Precincts Reporting

Candidate Percent Votes
Yashica Brown-Rogne 0.76% 29
David Chiverton 3.61% 138
Richard P. Dunn II 15.73% 601
Robert Malone Jr. 4.95% 189
Dufirstson Neree 1.73% 66
Pierre E. Rutledge 8.35% 319
Michelle Spence-Jones 53.48% 2,043
Georges William 3.95% 151
Erica Wright 7.43% 284

So now, we await word from Governor Crist. Somehow I doubt he really wants this fight -- the people of District 5 knew what they were voting for this time, for sure. And the word I'm hearing is that Spence-Jones would have a strong case that without being convicted at this point, of the crimes she's accused of, there may be no constitutional basis to remove her. (Still, to be honest, the nerd in me would love to see that fight go to the Florida Supreme Court. Talk about great political theater!) Meanwhile, the devastation in Haiti will be reverberating in the Little Haiti portion of the District tonight.

The plot thickens.

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Also, click here for updates on the devastating earthquake in Haiti including info on how you can help.

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Larry Thorson said...

Thanks for the post, Joy. And now we've heard that Gov. Crist once again deposed Spence-Jones.