Friday, December 18, 2009

How do they get the president to sign a Christmas card to me?

I did work like a dog to help get him elected, but I didn't expect to get a video showing Barack Obama signing a Christmas card to me.

How do they do it?


Michael Calderin said...

It's pretty easy, but a nice touch. It takes your name from the URL (see "fname=Larry") and uses it in the Flash video.

They have to be careful with stuff like this. It's just as easy to change Larry to something else, but it looks like they block at least a few names/words/profanities from going through.

Larry Thorson said...

Well, to get to this re-comment page I had to pass through a security maze of some complexity for this brain, which has a hard time reacting to double negative questions. So I for one would have a hard time adding something creepy to a Christmas card. What did I just say? "Do you want to view only the web page content that was delivered securely?"

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