Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A challenge to Florida Democrats from a blogger

Is this a gauntlet thrown down, or what? Over at the best local blog, Eye on Miami, gimleteye is challenging us to distinguish ourselves from the Republicans. Read it and gnash your teeth.

A sample:
If the Rubio forces have their way, the Florida Department of Community Affairs will be history in the upcoming session of the legislature. And Democrats still can't tell what is happening. They are somewhere down the other side of the field, picking dandelions while the G.O.P. has driven the ball into the corner at the other end of the field, in a corner kicking each other's shins and ankles.

I agree with the New America Foundation and its assessment that in November 2010, the ballot referendum "Florida Hometown Democracy" will be the most important in the nation. It is a measure that strikes fear at the heart of the Florida G.O.P. But even on this clearest issue, Florida Democrats can't find a voice. Alex Sink, the Florida candidate for governor, won't even pick up a phone to discuss the issue. And so it goes as 2009 and a bad decade for Florida comes to a close.

There are a lot of good points. Any thoughts?

One that occurs to me is that some developers are Democrats, and they stand out by distinguishing themselves from those who get rich by over-development. If they were to take lead positions in debate on the issue of over-development, the public might decide to vote Democratic more often.

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Nero Watts said...

With the single and sole exception of Grayson and possibly Gelber - Florida's democrats have a tin ear for anything other that pro-growth/pro-corporatist policies. Any bets that the anti-drilling chorus will change its tune come Legislation time?

My gosh we have a census year - where my colleagues are the calls for a WIDE & THOROUGH COUNT to insure that even with the GERRYMANDERING to come Dems wiill get a better chance at what has been the careful fiction that only WALL-STREETERS and Right-Wing Christians enjoy life in the SUNSHINE State.

We have seen the Crist Rubio death-dance and the silence that is the Sink Outreach????
I'm sure Kenny's hard work on the Meek campaign has gotten them some E-traction - its just a shame that the policy trajectory has been so RETRO-CORPORATE [ahhh another pro-war pro-security state dem] that's refreshing!

Do our State Dems have ab agenda? Do they want our help? Are Florida Dems again offered only the strategy that we'll be doing feeble attempts to wave while the corrupt republican juggernauts got the state again and hand over what's left of the Florida flatware to any bag-o-cash waltzing by?

And thanks Larry there is more to the Progressive Florida agenda than arguing which strategy might yet scrape some real health care reform from that basket of coal the Senate has passed.

Happy Holidays - and here's to a News Years wish for some EFFECTIVE ADVOCACY in TALLIE this new year!

solidarity & peace