Thursday, August 06, 2009

Rachel Maddow identifies bosses of the mobs

The other day my opposition research tuned the car radio to the Limbaugh show. He blared on and on about how the raucus invasions of town halls were all the product of the grass roots. Ha! There even was a guy who called in and said he was a grassroots organizer of one event. Ha! Last night opposition research subjected me to a long diatribe from Sean Hannity on the radio and he yelled the same thing while promising to turn up the volume at his series of patriotic concerts taking place around the country. Ha!

Thanks, Rachel Maddow, for doing much more opposition research and identifying the Republican functionaries and donors who are behind it all. This is a longish report but full of telling detail and sharp analysis right to the end. Enjoy:

We can't criticize the Republicans too much for being in opposition to what the Democrats propose. We're doing the same thing from the good guys' side, and the White House is calling the shots. But we're not disrupting meetings or running members of Congress out of the hall. And we're not disguising who we are behind a screen of patriotic-sounding names. But then we're not the Swift-boaters of dubious fame.

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