Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pledge to donate on 9/9/09 to end gerrymandering

How to fix the Florida legislature? How to fix our gerrymandered congressional districts?

Change the Florida constitution to ban gerrymandering! That’s the aim of Fair Districts Florida, and this wonderful organization has gathered almost 1.5 million petitions to get the issue on the ballot.

Next step is to raise our personal support of this ambitious drive by donating to help.

I have pledged to donate. Have you?

Please go to fairdistrictsflorida.org/9909 and add your name to the pledge rollcall. I did it this morning and was #88 to sign up. A short while ago the numbers was approaching 150. Please add your pledge.

Then on Sept. 9 we will all pledge together and raise the money needed to process our mountain of petitions.

Thank you for listening and pledging. Now, please go do it.

1 comment:

helene said...

ok.. I signed up to co-host an event. While I am not in favor of so many constitutional amendments, this issue seems to warrant that action.