Thursday, May 07, 2009

Health care: the need for the public option, in 30 sec

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Luis C. Isaza E said...

The right wing Republicans will not stay on the sidelines of the healthcare controversy long enough, because they know that it will be a suicide recipe. Instead, they will try to come up with alternatives to the President's programs (like Public Healthcare Options for all), that will be paletable to some Democrats, and will appease the lobbyist. How weak it is for the party of "NO" (to any program that is going to help the mayority of the people), how weak and kind of shameless I would say, to go against their own principles of "free enterprise", "market competition", and say that it would be unfair for private industry to compete against a government run program on healthcare. Do not they say that the government is inefficient, wasteful, and high cost producer? If it is true, why are they afraid to compete? That is the proof that they (the Republican minority) is really benefiting from a very juicy business. I hope blue dog Democrats are not that naive to go along!