Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dr. Jeffrey Solomon launches for State House Dist. 115

Endorsed by (D) county Commissioner Katy Sorenson and (R) county Mayor Carlos Alvarez. After the speeches I asked Mayor Alvarez if this was his first endorsement of a Democrat and he responded that he'd done it before, also had voted for Alex Sink, our (D) state chief financial officer.

Like the governor race, US Senate race and others, the voters will speak on this in 2010. Good luck to Dr. Jeffrey Solomon, one of the early starters.


June Collins said...

Best of luck, Jeff. Remember the Summer of 1972 at Flamingo Park with the Democratic Party with my parents?

Ben Alvarez said...

Too bad he lacks any substance!
His whole campaign is about his opponent, Jose Felix Diaz (who has gotten every endorsement that matters, besides the AFL-CIO).

By the way his biggest supporter is Mayor Carlos Alvarez, who is the biggest tan & spend advocate possible, he needs to cut ties.

Larry Thorson said...

Tan and spend? A new wrinkle in Sunshine State politics, Mr. Alvarez.