Thursday, April 30, 2009

Technology Thursday. Stuff to blow minds

This blog doesn’t often devote itself to technology. I’m interested but way behind the times and figure anything I say would be old hat. Nonetheless …

Last night, thanks to a chance meeting the day before with Alex de Carvalho organized by tireless Obama campaigner Brad Schenck to toast the conversion of Arlen Specter, I went to a meeting of Refresh Miami and was plunged into a hundred people who are at a much higher level of Internet understanding than I am and for at least a while here I’m Tweeting and Facebooking at speed and ricocheting around cyberspace where new things reside and are announced.

Look at this: Something better than Google, and coming soon. It’s called Wolfram Alpha.

Now, I remember having had a change to invest in Google at the beginning and passing it up. Will the same thing happen with Wolfram Alpha? Yes, I had more money then.

A few clicks further, and I’ve been captured by yet another microblogging service that promises to hit close to home. Take a look at Here’s a rundown by the creator of it all ( think), Dave Harper.

This could speed up our campaigning in ’10, which brings me back to earth.

UPDATE: Thanks to Alex and Twitter for letting me know about this link to a slide show of pix from the Refresh Miami event Wednesday night.

Your blogger can be seen in several pix wearing a long-sleeved white T-shirt, with Flip camera in hand.

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