Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Joe hits 'em with sarcasm

Tuesday's Miami Herald had a nice long piece on the dubious immigration status of a host of a Republican fundraiser event in Miami. Kudos to DEC Chair Joe Garcia for a quote commending the hard work of an undocumented immigrant "like throwing fundraisers for the GOP." Link to fights deportation.

And on p. 1 of Tuesday's Herald, did you see the long workup on the wobbly condition of a religious right institution in Broward, the Center for Reclaiming America. Here's a link to political crossroads.

This is about the Coral Ridge Ministries of the Rev. James Kennedy. It raises interesting questions. As Howard Dean pointed out in his recent talk to us at Parrot Jungle, new churches today are as likely to be big on the environment and global warming as on their more usual hot-button social issues. Are we ready to welcome them to our revival tent?

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