Thursday, May 10, 2007

“I don’t let go easy” – Eufaula Frazier

Her Georgia charm won another admirer, the WLRN host Joseph Cooper. As usual, though, there was some steel under the soft tones as Eufaula Frazier spun away an hour while recalling her half-century and more of civil rights work in Miami.

Ms. Frazier, 82 but not slowed much, recently won the M. Athalie Range award for public service, given by the Miami-Dade County Democratic Executive Committee, and WLRN invited her in for an interview on the Topical Currents afternoon program.

It was a hit with the public radio station’s staff, and a fair number of callers rang in to praise Ms. Frazier’s long career that had kicked off with a concern for tenants’ rights. Among the callers was former Congresswoman Carrie Meek, who had often worked with Ms. Frazier in the past. She asked how to renew the spirit of volunteerism that drove much of Ms. Frazier’s work.

“If you get young people to come it, we can do it,” Ms. Frazier responded, “It’s a matter of leadership.”

And she joked, “We can’t walk but we can do it” – a reference to the arthritis that has slowed her pace while not stopping her continued work in community organizing.

Cooper asked how she kept on going at her age, and she replied, “I don’t let go easy.”

Those who want to hear the entire hour of personal experience in civil rights can turn to WLRN’s audio archives, and turn it up. Worthwhile time for learning. The link.

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