Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FL-25: Joe Garcia is running!

This is good news! 

FL-25, the Everglades congressional district, now has a chance at intelligent, compassionate, Democratic representation in Washington. It's an open seat, thanks to the quittingness of the Diaz-Balart brothers, who seem to take politics as their personal chess game. It's a formerly safe Republican seat that's now headed for the better column of governance. The eyes of the nation will be on this race. We have a duty to donate, volunteer, think and work for Joe Garcia in this race.

With President Obama coming to Florida and Miami on Thursday,  this has become a fine week in Florida. We are the future once again.

Don't forget to join the throng at Draft Joe Garcia for 2010!


Anonymous said...

enough with liberal Joe and right wing Rivera, I'm voting for Dem Luis Meurice,which is not a lawyer or a career politician,he is for the working people.

Larry Thorson said...

Joe Garcia is certainly for working people, and he has the skills and experience to make things happen for them. Nothing against Luis Meurice, but Joe Garcia has been active in public affairs for decades and has a fine record of accomplishment.