Monday, March 23, 2009

Wave of the future for failing news industry?

Try the free and see if you think it can be a model for a future for-profit news industry that doesn't require felling so many forests.

This on-line piece from the New York Times is food for thought here in Miami-Dade as we gird our minds for this Wednesday's discussion on a Miami without the Herald.

Without the Herald!? Before you run out and see if the yellow box that usually dispenses the Herald is missing from your neighborhood, be assured that we're not there yet. (Only on Saturdays, when there isn't really a paper now.) Other big cities are already there or heading that way, but surely we'll be excepted and immune. As we were to be excepted and immune from the collapse in real estate prices because our climate, our proximity to South American money, our good air, our beautiful ocean and bay and the Everglades would block the tsunami. Not to speak of the open arms of our clean politicians and developers, who would wave in the happy buyers in droves forever and ever Amen

What's happening Wednesday? At 11:30 a.m. the Downtown Bay Forum is chewing over the future of the newspaper in Miami. Call Annette Eisenberg at 305 757-3633 to reserve a place and have a nice lunch. And let's think big -- not just Miami, but Florida, too, needs to have a free and vibrant reporting industry. This blogging is fine, but there must be reporting if people are to have some idea of what's going on.

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