Sunday, May 11, 2008

Time to get to work -- the campaigns are coming

The Obama Florida staff, L-R: Michael Raphael, intern; Georgette Brammer, Florida finance assistant; Corey Ciorciari, intern.

For those who worry that Florida became irrelevant due to the fiasco over the advanced primary date, I never was convinced. I'll still bet that our convention delegates will be seated without a big fight. And the turnout for the January primary was immense -- very heartening! And it had impact: John Edwards dropped out. Rudy Giuliani dropped out. That's a lot of relevance, in my book. But OK, maybe you had something there. It diminished our relevance. I concede.

But now we're about to come back into full bloom. Did you see the lead story in the NY Times on Sunday? Obama and McCain are charting strategy for the fall campaign, and Florida is one of the chief battlegrounds.

A quote from Obama's campaign manager, David Plouffe:

"Organizationally, we have now built very powerful organizations in every state but Michigan and Florida. ... That is one huge silver lining to how long this nomination fight has gone on."

Yes, that's great for the rest of the country, and for us in Florida, we have the opportunity now to build our own "very powerful organization" for the campaign to take up and run with.

Case in point: On Saturday I went out rather late but still in time for the voter-registration training that was said to be a joint effort by the Clinton and Obama campaigns. There I saw a lot of Obama people, and took this photo of what was said to be the entire Obama staff in Florida: three friendly young people who have opened an office on Miami Beach and are working hard.

You heard it here first.

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