Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy Holidays?

Apparently that means I'm going be a secular soldier attempting to destroy Christmas. Despite the fact that my own religion is catholic, despite the fact that i have Jewish relatives(and they do give me Christmas presents).

Amazingly; i don't feel like a culture warrior bent on the epic destruction of Christmas as defined by the lunatic fringe of the Conservative Crusaders(tm).

I was just taught that you never knew who was celebrating this times and how they were celebrating. My mother said always repeat what another person said to you in order not offend them.

Its not being "PC", its called being polite in a diverse society. Why is that such a offensive manner to act?

As I know it; Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa all share the same few weeks.

So instead of trying to be divisive in the name of a man that stood for unity, why don't we just try embrace the spirit of the child and not the spectre of modern men's bias.

So Merry Christmas to Bill Oreilly(a fairly unhappy TV personality), Happy Hanukkah to Joe Lieberman(A much happier Senator), and nice weekend to my non-religious friends.

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